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A fictional novel set on the border of California and Mexico.


A collection of essays about life in Southern California.

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This fan site is dedicated to Brian McNeece, an American author who lives in El Centro, California, just twelve miles from the Mexico border, with his wife, Angie, and three sons. He writes about romance and life on the border of Mexico. He holds multiple degrees in philosophy, linguistics, and multicultural education and is a Fulbright scholar in Mexico. Mr McNeece is an English professor at Imperial Valley College.

To date, Mr McNeece has published two books. His first book, Slipknots: Viewpoints at Year Love, was published in 2000. It is a collection of forty thought-provoking short stories that take a humorous look at life in Southern California. The stories cover a wide range of subjects, including immigration issues, parenting, prayer in schools, cancer, and the life of men.

His latest book, Crossings, is a fictional novel set on the border of California and Mexico in the early 1990s, where international conflict has turned a peaceful meld of cultures into a tumultuous powderkeg. The book's protagonist, Aurelio Gonzalez, is a fresh-from-college graduate seeking to fulfill a teaching commitment. When he learns that the job he was promised was not what was promised, he crosses the border into the U.S. to find meaningful work and falls for his boss, Kristin Kuhl, and immigrant herself.

A border patrol agent, Raul Camacho, also has eyes for Kristin, and to further complicate life, a Mexican villager offers a sensuous, profitable alternative that's hard to turn down. Aurelio struggles to stay above it all, relying on Oaxaca magic to choose the right path and retain his honor on both sides of the border.