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A fictional novel set on the border of California and Mexico.


A collection of essays about life in Southern California.

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Customer and professional reviews of Brian McNeece books, collected from the web

Crossings was reviewed in an edition of "Wyrd," a literary journal published by San Diego State University. McNeece's first novel earned high praise as "the work of an accomplished craftsman" who humanizes Mexican immigrants for "those of us who seldom or never come in contact with Mexicans in a familiar way but only view them from either condescending perspectives of employer or customer."

The review concludes: "For anyone who lives in and loves the border area or simply would like to know what it's like to live near the Mexican-American border, this is a book for you."

Just picked this up and was blown away by McNeece's portrayal of life along the border. Having grown up on the border too I could relate to the setting. He paints these sleepy little villages in real color. I don't think there is any other writer in English that can bring the nuances of mexican culture and character to life like this. I recommend this novel to anyone especially professors that are interested in cross border politics and cultural issues. --an anonymous review of Crossings - Amazon listing dated June 18, 2004

McNeece sees every episode in terms of a struggle between good and evil or more closely a struggle to meet the challenges of doing the right things. To McNeece the struggle of life comes down to a choice of, not so much right and wrong, because life rarely offers us those clear choices, but to shades of good and ill. McNeece's casual and astute, heroic and humble stories of border life will warm and entertain. An enterprising minister could mine this material for 6 months of excellent sermons. --an anonymous review of Slipknots: Viewpoints at Year Love - Amazon listing dated March 3, 2004